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Soul2Soul Takes Us Back To The Early 2000s With Phenomenal Maroon 5 Cover Video

They're called classics for a reason. No matter how many times you listen, you can never get enough.

And Miami University's Soul2Soul a cappella group is proving that with their latest video release of Maroon 5's "This Love."

The group's rendition of the hit song perfectly captures the vibe of the original, but feels more like a song for 2018. That is because every section of the song is full and lively, keeping the listener engaged at every turn. There is literally no sparseness in the parts, making you almost forget that these are voices, with no instrumentation for support.

We've seen a great deal of "This Love" covers but very few, if any, have been as cohesive and well-blended as Soul2Soul's version. And the group has an absolute superstar in soloist Jeffrey Mayo. He has the range, charisma and timbre to tackle an Adam Levine solo and excel.

Soul2Soul is throwing a party with their newest cover, and trust us, it's one you want to be present for!