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St. Andrews' Vocal Group The Other Guys Pay Tribute To Royal Wedding With Hilarious Parody Song

Collegiate a cappella is far more than just a one trick pony. Oftentimes, groups are capable of delivering captivating, emotionally explosive arrangements that will absolutely floor you. It is these videos that often go viral and will leave you hitting the share button almost instantly upon viewing.

But in other cases, college groups can leave you entertained in a way that you never saw coming. It is this secondary category that we're relishing in with this new hit song by The Other Guys from the University of St Andrews.

For those who are new to the genre, our community enjoys jaw-dropping, phenomenal vocal feats that will bring a tear to your eye. But in an equal respect, sometimes you cannot avoid the opportunity to simply entertain. And entertain is exactly what this all-male group has done with their new parody video titled "24K Meghan."

The song is a hilarious tribute to perhaps the year's most momentous event, the royal wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.
In the video, The Other Guys play up the idea of a symbolic unification between America and Great Britain, the two homelands of the royal couple. The song has even further appeal as it dropped on July 4th, the day America celebrates its independence.

Set to the backdrop of Bruno Mars' hit "24K Magic" The Other Guys are comedic geniuses with such lines as "now we'll show you how a yankee fits in" and "everywhere he go they be like, a royal ginger." And while the lyrics are brilliant, the singing and production are on par as well, showing that the group has talent in every way.

The Other Guys are performers first, sporting red, white and blue at various moments of the party-themed video, and stylish robes and suits at other points, showing that one can balance fun and artistry simultaneously.

Enjoy the group's antics and marvelous vocals in the video below.