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Stanford Everyday People Accompany Wiz Khalifa & Ou-Yang Nana For Nat Geo Performance

Since 2012, the Breakthrough Prize Board has been honoring the very best in scientific advances and last night that tradition was continued in one amazing ceremony.

The Breakthrough Prize is a set of international awards that recognizes top achievements in the fields of Physics, Life Sciences, and Mathematics. This prestigious event is set around a star-studded ceremony, broadcasted by National Geographic and usually features inspiring musical performances. Sunday night's performance proved to be no different as one of the aca-community's very own shared the stage with some major talent.

Accompanying Grammy-nominated rapper Wiz Khalifa and award-winning cellist Ou-Yang Nana, Stanford University's Everyday People shared the Breakthrough Prize stage to perform the hit song "See You Again."

The mix of Nana's beautiful cello playing, with Khalifa's rapping and Stanford Everyday's People powerful and moving vocals created a magical moment that truly brought new life to the song. It was an indeed a performance to remember.