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State Of Fifths Delivers High-Spirited Vocal Performance With Panic! At The Disco's "Death of a Bachelor"

Let the record show that Panic! at the Disco covers are extremely hard to nail. And this thought is even more furthered by the band's latest hit "Death of a Bachelor" which demands both a high level of artistry and vocal ability.

That being said, Michigan State University's State of Fifths has produced a rendition of the song that's vocally appealing with more than a few big and entertaining moments. The arrangement itself is slick and effortlessly flows through verses and choruses due in part to the cool and controlled singing of the backing group.

And like any big hit, one must have a big lead. State of Fifths has just that in senior Joseph Wylie's pop-rock styled vocals, which boasts a very large range allowing him to easily execute the impressive tenor notes, which the song is known for. This contributes tremendously to the spirited performance, which never wanes in energy or substance, allowing it to be so much more than a carbon copy.

It's exactly what it should be, a chic, hip and modern delivery that keeps you hooked.