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State Of Fifths Go EDM In New Music Video

Here in 2017, we like our music fast, catchy and modern. The culmination of these three elements are in perfect harmony in this cover of Major Lazer's "Cold Water" by Michigan State University's State of Fifths.

While the US can, at times, be a bit behind on music trends, specifically EDM (electronic dance music), when we catch on we're hooked. And the hook of this performance along with nearly every other aspect of the song is irresistible. In the past, we've praised quite a few groups on their ability to produce tracks that are on the level of nearly anything you hearing playing in today's clubs. Well, State of Fifths' version is one of the best.

It's well produced, sung, and the visuals are easily attention-grabbing. It's songs like this that really get your week off on the right foot.