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#TBT - 6 Years Ago The Duke Pitchforks Dropped This Hip-Hop Hit

The Duke Pitchforks are slaying the rap game.

Throwbacks are a great view of transformation. Most #TBTs that you see today are typically pictures of one's younger years or inspiring images of incredible weight loss. In the a cappella world, they're more about the classics or songs that used to be hits years ago.

What's often the case, however, in contemporary a cappella is that our #TBT segment usually features performances that do a great job of standing the test of time. And what we have grown accustomed to seeing, in about 30-40% of those instances, a good hip-hop or rap cover stays good. No matter how long ago it was released.

In this #TBT, we're taking it back to Kanye West's better days with his duet with Rihanna on "All of the Lights." And this performance is brought to you by a lively bunch, the Duke University Pitchforks. Never settling for a generic performance, the all-male group delivers a full sounding arrangement, with some heavy percussion, and a commanding solo and rap section.

BTW, the opening is killer!