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Temple University's Pitch, Please Release Emotional New Video For "The Village"

Some songs are just so raw and honest that words seem inadequate to do it justice in describing its value. This cover of Wrabel's "The Village" is one such song.

In this brand new live video performance by Temple University's Pitch, Please, the coed a cappella group leaves listeners shook as they deliver a stunning performance. The group shares the song's heartfelt message, which is an ode to those who have faced challenges as a transgender person, with delicacy and finesse. 

The somber opening, which features a touching solo with no backing, is a perfect representation of the lyrics.
Pitch, Please's incredible lead Tommy Yoe lays his heart on the line as he carefully sings every word with subtlety and grace, showing that each note is important.

This in turn lays out the perfect groundwork for the group's backing vocalists to follow his lead through a well-crafted arrangement that is sparse and effective at certain moments, and absolutely unyielding with power notes and dynamics by the song's end.

What Pitch, Please gets right where others may sometimes falter is in their pacing. The song has time to truly settle in the listener's soul during the entire experience as the group never rushes a single measure. At times, it seems as if time slows down which adds even greater emotion and ends up being highly effective.

The song delivers a gut punch with its profound message of acceptance, and the way Pitch, Please shares it shows why we all need to hear it.