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The Amalgamates Deliver One Of The Most Incredible Rock Covers In Aca-History In This #TBT

When it comes to recreating music in a cappella, hard rock might be the most difficult genre to execute well.

The music has to be in your face, hit hard, and backed by a lead who can vocally, go the distance. Luckily for us, there have been more than a few groups who have welcomed the challenge and have excelled at it.

One of our all-time favorites comes in this cover of the Foo Fighters' "Let It Die" by The Amalgamates from Tufts University. Maybe it's the slow build-up, or the intense syllables, or the Mates ability maintain momentum over the course of the song. To be honest, it's every individual detail of this song, including the group's frontman whose range is unlike anything you've ever heard in college a cappella, and who we hope is still active in the music scene.

Enjoy this #TBT of one of the very best rock songs to ever come out of the aca-community.