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The Amalgamates Share Exciting And Infectious Take On "Good Grief"

We've been following the Amalgamates from Tufts University for years now and one thing continues to remain true with each incarnation, they've got an undeniable style that will challenge you to look at music in a unique way.

And this statement rings true with their rendition of "Good Grief" by Bastille. From the song's opening alone you can feel and hear that the group has already won over the crowd even before the solo has a chance to sing. This is because the Amalgamates have a stage presence unlike any other college group. The song feels intimate with the group's flawlessly controlled vocals establishing a warm presence that at times would have you believe you're watching a backyard acoustic set by your favorite artist.

In addition to this, the group's delivery is incredibly fun, adding the right vocal inflections and level of cool you'd expect from seasoned veterans.
And did we mention that the lead has plenty of charisma and personality all on his own? It's easy to just lose yourself in every lyric he's uttering. 

This is the type of video that will brighten your day, no matter what's going on.