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The Chordials Display Artistry And Modern Soul In New Video For "Hollow"

The Chordials' performance of "Hollow" is a video for today with its abundance of soulful grooves and modern R&B appeal. It's everything we need from today's music scene and yet, we were still unprepared for what was delivered.

Cornell's coed a cappella group The Chordials have been innovators in the college vocal scene for quite some time, balancing edgy vocals with creative arrangements. And the group's newest release of Kiah Victoria's "Hollow" is a further testament that they're just as good as ever.

From the group's haunting opening, full of whimsical layering that creates a somewhat mystical wall of sound, to lead soloist Abby Lederman's masterful ability to express a wide range of emotions through song, everything goes right for the Chordials with this new video. The future of music is on full display in "Hollow" and it's impossible not to want to go along for the ride.

The Chordials use of vocal effects and tasteful production are what today's listeners can get behind.
And what's most impressive is that even with the slight enhancements, you don't lose the fact that this is still the work of the talented singers of the Chordials. Yes, these kids can flat out sing!

Check out the smooth harmonies and mellow vibes for yourself in the video below!