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The DePaul Fullertones Get Artsy In Mesmerizing Cover Video Of Mitski's "Nobody"

The Fullertones of DePaul University dabble in unexpected tones and chords in their latest video cover of Mitski's "Nobody" and it pays off in a big way.

Often the most captivating musical performances have an element of unpredictability and the Fullertones have that in abundance in this new video. Full of unusual chords and rhythms, the alt/indie vibe of "Nobody" transcends your traditional pop, washing over the listener with various emotions causing a great deal of introspection.

This is a heavily artsy piece by the Fullertones that seems effortless as the group creates a balanced sound that pierces one's core without being overly ambitious. It's a complex piece that's easy for one to get lost in.

And soloist Ryan Zultowski has such a pronounced and chic vocal style that's warm, yet rugged enough to transfix the ear.

It's the type of performance that draws you in, and will continually astonish you until the very end.