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The Fleet Street Singers Put A Classical Twist On Some Of The Biggest Songs In RnB & Hip-Hop In Today's #TBT

Classical music has gotten a bad rep in recent years. In no way is it only to be adorned by high society or older generations.

Take for instance the Fleet Street Singers of Stanford University. They have a rich history of performing songs in the style of barbershop or classical. But here's the kicker....they're mostly songs from the current generation. The Fleet Stringers have figured out the secret formula to appealing to the masses's comedy. While many of their songs are performed in a humorous way, they really are a group with a great deal of talent.

In today's TBT, the group mixes their classical flair with modern hits such as "My Humps," "Crank That Soulja Boy," "Milkshake," and "Single Ladies." Let's just say, if you don't love this one, it's time to get your funny bone checked.