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The GW Sirens Lend Their Voices To Women's March Movement In Powerful Video

By now you've seen or at least heard of the social movement that has recently swept the country. It's been labeled as #WomensMarch.

The movement is a protest, "to protect legislation and policies regarding human rights and other issues." It has taken the country, and world by storm with over 4 million participants. And college a cappella groups are doing taking part in this historic event.

Members from George Washington University's Sirens, along with D.C. professional group Capital Blend and musician MILCK have all recently gained popularity for a viral video of the singers performing "Quiet," which is now being called the movement's unofficial anthem, during a D.C. march. The performance is stirring and reverberates through the soul.
This is truly an example of how powerful the human voice can be.

To see the performance, check out the video below.

And to read more about how this video is becoming a viral hit among #WomensMarch, check out this article here: