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The Jackson Jills Rock Out With This Passionate And Soulful Lake Street Dive Cover

Sometimes, a fun performance can just make your day.

That's the vibe we're picking up from this bouncy and rocking performance of Lake Street Dive's "Godawful Things" by the Jackson Jills of Tufts University. The all-female a cappella group consisting of some talented dynamos deliver an infectious rendition of the song that's both creative and passionate. 

Whether it's the group's the small vocal effects (such as their "ha's" at the beginning) or their warm, soulful harmonizing, there's so much to love about this video.

And can we just say that Haley Pogachefsky knows how to both charm an audience, while simultaneously command a stage. Her combination of a powerful lower register and playful runs make the performance exciting and unique.

We're taking a page from the song's chorus when we say "thank the good lord" for this wonderful video.