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The Kokosingers Will Amaze You With Their Eclectic Performance Of Vulpeck's "Aunt Leslie"

Fun, energetic, playful and still quite dynamic. This is the type of a cappella that we can fully endorse.

In an age where numerous cover songs are being released on a weekly basis, it's vital that artists not only bring an immense level of talent to their videos, but that they also present something fresh and unique, allowing the listener to easily cling on to what they're dishing out.

It is these reasons that we're clinging on for dear life to this performance of Vulpeck's "Aunt Leslie" by the Kenyon College Kokosingers.

These boys have seriously woven something special with this intoxicating performance.

From the jump, it's easy to hear how the arrangement brings old-school vocal stylings to a current jam as heard most prominently in the backing group's solid foundational delivery.
When you couple this with the lead's out of this world vocals, which is a wonderful balance of soul, power and some impressive falsetto, it all feels like a fusion of timeless musical elements.

The Kokosingers are stellar with their smooth chords and harmonies, which will leave you replaying segments more than once.

And while the Kokosingers are flawless in their delivery, they are equally great in their theatrics. Whether it's interjecting humorous moments or simply their exciting stage presence, the group succeeds in given the audience a true performance where every minute is entertaining.

Yes, we'll take performances like this any day of the week!