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The Lehigh Echoes Are Incredibly Soulful With LP's "Muddy Waters"

Sometimes, less is A LOT more!

This is especially true with this cover of LP's "Muddy Waters" by Lehigh University's Echoes. This isn't to say that there is little that can be taken from the performance, it's quite the opposite. The ladies are perfect in their execution of using the backing group as primarily one instrument. 

This decision to not have an overabundance of rhythmic lines doesn't always work in other artist's songs, but it works wonderfully to capture the dark and ominous wavelength that all of the singers are tuned into with the heavy tone of the song. What this also does is allow the lead to simply tell her story at her own pace and with no reservations, which ends up being very profound and soulful.

It's a great and creative performance that is well-suited for kicking-off the start to your week.