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The Melodores Showcase Silky-Smooth Vocals In New Video For "Attention"

Melodores, you officially have our attention.

In a new video series titled "Reading Room Sessions" the all-male a cappella group from Vanderbilt University covers various hit songs in a live format. Think of it as an acoustic session with limited production. 

Their latest video of Charlie Puth's "Attention" has its own gravitational force as it pulls the listener in with silky vocals and groovy stylings. While there is not a single part out-of-place, the rhythm section is what really stands out. The active bass is rich and deep and the percussion is inventive showcasing an assortment of cool hits. 

The arrangement itself is a wonderful combination of modern RnB, Pop and Funk and felt easily in the backing group's singing. Pair this with the lead who absolutely sells the performance with a warm baritone sound and you have a video that's better than the original.