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The Other Guys Deliver Some Serious Holiday Nostalgia And Emotion With Lively Rendition Of "Fairytale of New York"

It just goes to show you that not all Christmases are equal.

That's right, if you were expecting "Jingle Bells" or "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas" then you'll have to look elsewhere, because the all-male a cappella group The Other Guys from the University of St. Andrews are bringing quite an emotional, folk ballad to the holidays with their new video.

In their new cover of "Fairytale of New York" by Celtic Punk band The Pogues, the group reflects about holidays past with a very nontraditional song that is rich with texture, comedy, and even sadness.

The song composed as a duet retells the account of a couple who reminisce and quarrel about their dreams of the past on Christmas Eve. The Other Guys are remarkable as they mix traditional chorus stylings, with elements of Celtic punk, Celtic rock, folk and the typical Christmas feel.
There's a certain heartbreak to the opening as the Other Guys display soft singing with undertones of anguish, depicted greatly in the delivery of the lyrics. 

Things are immediately ramped up in the song's second half with the introduction of Amelia Poole, a member of St. Salvator's Chapel Choir, who helps The Other Guys sell a contrasting perspective of the song's story in lighthearted, but passionate fashion.

At times, the song's lyrics can escalate past the PG rating, but it all works wonderfully well to show that sometimes, the holidays can be a bit of a bummer, especially when it involves love and hard times. It's all heartfelt and adds a unique dynamic to the standard Christmas setlist.

The choice to cover the hit UK song was a smart choice by both parties, as the song is the most-played Christmas song of the 21st century in the UK. We're hoping that many will watch this, as it is beautifully done.