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The Oxford Belles Empower Women Everywhere With Inspiring Performance Of "That's My Girl"

People take note, the women of the a cappella world are not here to play games!

No, they're here to drop some kickass music that will ignite an internal flame within listeners, spurring them to stand up and shout that women are powerful, iconic and are here to change the world.

This is literally everything that we're picking up from this brand new music video of Fifth Harmony's "That's My Girl" by the Oxford Belles of Oxford University. And let us be clear in saying this, if you're not here for this video, then you simply don't like confident, empowering music that hits all the right notes.

And yes, we're not exaggerating as we say that the Oxford Belles hit every note with this performance.

From the opening of the video, the college a cappella group quickly establishes an edgy tone to the mix with a thumping beat and hip vibe as the Belles display assertive and scorching hot vocals. And this isn't a fleeting element, it lasts the video's entirety as the energy continues to ramp up with each passing moment.
Part of the cover video's appeal lies in the impressive ability of the Belles to seamlessly pass off the lead solo between multiple members without missing a beat.

This pulls double duty in not only being an effective and smart musical decision, but also in showing that the group has true strength, an aspect of the video's message. Throughout much of the video, the Belles make noticeable nods to women as they display empowering quotes from remarkable women including educators, iconic figures and even close relatives and friends.

The video is a testament to the unyielding power of women, and the Belles are a flawless and incredible representation of artists who are wonderfully showcasing this through their medium.

This is a video that the world needs to see!