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The Pennchants Are The Ultimate Showmen With Their Phenomenal Cover Of Allen Stone's "Unaware"

Okay, it's official! The Pennchants are the new bad boys of a cappella.

We don't throw this term around loosely as we take in the majesticness that is their string of videos from their 30th Anniversary concert "XXX." If you haven't had a chance to view the multiple performances from this event, well, you need to see them. Seriously, stop reading right this very instant and go take a deep dive into one of the greatest collection of concert videos a collegiate a cappella group has ever released!

On second thought, finish this article and thank us later.

For those still reading, we'll admit that we're absolutely sold on the all-male a cappella group from the University of Pennsylvania and you should be too. If not, then let their performance of Allen Stone's "Unaware" do all the convincing for you.

We're still having a hard time fathoming how one group could infuse such a high level of vocal goodness into one cover, but the Pennchants do just that as they cover the R&B/Soul hit.
The video from start to finish is incredibly captivating, capitalizing on one of the silkiest grooves collegiate a cappella has ever exposed an audience to. So many props go to the Pennchants' methodical and detailed arrangement that's flush with stunning chords that are both rich and well-delivered.

The entire experience is reminiscent of 90s throwback jams as it hits the right notes emotionally, stylistically and musically.

And it's all presented in grand fashion! From the groups eye-catching attire to each members passionate delivery of their vocals, you're simply engrossed with every minute of the song. Perhaps nothing is more engaging than lead soloist Marjon Enriquez whose presentation is award worthy. His texture, range and control is otherworldly.

The group's key change that leads into Marjon's astonishing display of falsetto use is simply the stuff of legends!

The level of talent that goes into a performance like this is one that few groups possess.