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The Pennchants Dish Out Swooning Vocals And Unparalleled Charm In This A Cappella Rendition Of Prince's "Kiss"

When it comes to the music of Prince, there's really only one word that is best suited to describe it. 


After all, it feels timeless, is distinct and is delivered by one of the greatest musical artists of all time. And with this cover video of one of Prince's most beloved hit songs, we can't help but to feel the same way about it. That is because the all-male a cappella group The Pennchants of the University of Pennsylvania have given us what feels like an iconic performance.

In their newest video release, the group musters up as much 90s charm as they possibly can for a funkified rendition of "KISS." We'll save you the trouble of guessing by stating that this isn't some reimagined, EDM embellished, 2019 cover of one of the most popular songs in the last 40 years.
No, it stays true to the song's roots by accenting all of the elements of the original that we have come to love.

A boss bass line that you can dance to, stylish percussion that you can set your watch to, and of course, a glorious falsetto lead that can rile up any audience.

And honestly, we're not upset by any of this. Often times, doing too much with an arrangement can often lose the heart and personality of a song. But thankfully, the Pennchants are in the pocket as they show us how to successfully deliver solid harmonies and well-balanced vocal lines that allow you to simply sit back and enjoy the ride. And it's all done with enormous personality.

And did we mention that it's all backed by some pretty fantastic video work?

Yes, rest assured that you'll love everything about this stellar video!