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The Ransom Notes Break It Down With This Justin Beiber Hit

At times we tend to praise subtlety or the idea of less being more as typically being a selling point for good covers in college a cappella. But we can definitely appreciate the groups who recognizes one of their strengths and capitalizes on it.

This is totally the case for this cover of "As Long As You Love Me" by the Ransom Notes of the University of Texas at Austin. First and foremost, props to the group for going the extra mile and producing a music video worth watching.

Secondly, the percussion is truly making this video. Don't get us wrong, the male and female duo holding the lead are dropping some major harmonies and sweet singing. The glue and driving force that's really helping in boosting the whole song, including backing vocals is the rhythm section. It's hard-hitting and appropriate.

Listen and see if you agree.