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The Royal Pitches Unleash Glorious And Resolute Vocals On Their Cover Of LP's "Muddy Waters"

The Royal Pitches are bringing a whole new meaning to what it truly means to deliver a spirited performance.

The all-female a cappella group from the University of Buffalo unleash fearless, unrelenting vocals throughout their cover video to LP's "Muddy Waters" and it culminates in a juggernaut of a performance. And while the group could easily do justice to the title track along, the Royal Pitches add an extra amount of force by weaving in snippets of additional tracks including "River" by Bishop Briggs and "Human" by Rag'n'Bone Man.

While the life of the original track picks up steam in the latter half of the song, the Royal Pitches' cover catches fire from the start, bombarding your ears with soulful and powerful conviction. There's no denying the sheer intensity of the group's striking singing, which is bolstered by splendid production.

As a whole, the music feels like a perfect fit for a blockbuster movie's most climactic scene!

The Royal Pitches sing with such fervor and determination that their grand sound could literally knock you off of your feet.
And while the energy is raw and passionate, the a cappella group simultaneously delivers a performance of "Muddy Waters" that has the ability to connect with you on a spiritual level. This is in large part due to the group's powerhouse soloist, who captivates throughout every inch of the song. Whether she's carrying the chorus with her majestic belting or literally stunning listeners with her well-controlled lower notes, it's all truly glorious!

This isn't your typical #WCW. No, this one deserves to reign for weeks and weeks to come.