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The ScatterTones Serve Up 90s Nostalgia With This #TBT

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers is hands down one of the best kid TV shows of all time. Exclude the fact that I was only three when it first aired, it was a major part of my childhood like so many others.

And now, the movie series has gotten a reboot, with the new film Power Rangers hitting theaters tonight. Gone are the days of Friday movie releases. Whatever the case, we're excited! And one of the big reasons we're excited, like with any other great show from the 90s is due in part to the theme song. That glorious tune will be like hearing a heavenly choir of angels.

While we're not sure in what way the song will be reimagined (if they don't keep with the original format) we can hope that it will be just as fantastic as today's #TBT. In this throwback, the UCLA Scattertones perform a kicka** version of one of the best and well-known theme songs of all-time, complete with the opening dialogue found in the original.

Relive those childhood feels with the Scattertones then head out to see the movie.