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The Stanford Harmonics Deliver Edgy, Rock A Cappella In New Video Mashup "For The Wicked"

The Stanford Harmonics are here to rock and nothing is going to stop them!

The coed a cappella group's newest music video will have you convinced that when it comes to innovative vocal rock offerings, no when does it better. That's because the Harmonics shell out an impressive amount of vocal fortitude on "For The Wicked", an insanely awesome mashup of "Say Amen" by Panic! at the Disco and "Ain't no Rest for the Wicked" by Cage the Elephant.

It could be the highly ambitious arrangement that features creative syllabic choices and sprightly vocal lines that has us loving the video. Or maybe it's the group's signature rock style that oozes through the visuals. Perhaps it's even the downright power vocals of both soloists who convincingly sell every inch of the rock hit.

In all honesty, it's all of these things that contribute to create the rock anthem, pushing the vocal envelope on what edgy a cappella music should be.
This is a video that doesn't fall gently on the ears, it smacks you right in the face screaming "THIS IS ROCK!"

"For The Wicked" is a high-octane, joy ride that only the Harmonics could take us on.