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The Stanford Mendicants New Video For "Walk On Water" Is One Epic A Cappella Adrenaline Rush

Holy moly! You can feel the electricity of the Stanford Mendicant's new video coursing through your veins.

That's right, in a new video released yesterday, the all-male a cappella group from Stanford University delivers a daring all-vocal mashup of "Walk on Water", based off the similarly titled original songs by both Eminem featuring Beyonce, and Thirty Seconds to Mars.

The video's intro captures the soulful, passionate elements of Eminem and Beyonce's rendition, before charging full steam ahead with the heavy rock stylings featured in the Thirty Seconds to Mars' composition. The anthemic vibe oozes through every pore of the song with its pounding vocal percussion, in-your-face intensity, and a rock lead that goes the distance vocally.

The Mendicants make a statement with their new video showing that the limits of a cappella are practically nonexistent.
The music is loud and is only matched by the group's fiery presence which is felt in their ability to act as one unified musical body.

And such a gargantuan performance must be accompanied by a kicka** video! The Mendicants deliver a fitting video which showcases an assortment of literal references from the song's lyrics through their use of color, animated movement and yes, actual water shots.

This performance was wonderfully done, and is one that you'll need to watch more than once.