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The Undertones Completely Flip This Shawn Mendes Hit And We're Hooked

Shawn Mendes is hands-down one of the biggest names in pop music at the moment. Within a few seconds of being exposed to one of his signature tracks, one familiar with his work naturally expects a certain young, Top 40-esque vibe to accompany it.

Well, someone obviously forgot to pass this message along to the University of Notre Dame Undertones.

In this performance of "Mercy" there's a certain folk-rock edginess to the group's arrangement that curls the blood. It may be the earth-shaking heaviness of the backing group's tone, or simply the raw energy oozing throughout all four minutes and thirty-one seconds of the entire song. Or just maybe, it's the group's lead who has an effortless connection to the song, resulting in a sound that's part grunge, part deep soul, and 100% stirring.

 Whatever it may be, it is giving us chills in the best kind of way.