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The Undertones Help You Relive The Magic Of "A Star Is Born" With Breathtaking Cover Of "Shallow"

So, unless you've been living under a rock, chances are good that you've stumbled across the hit, award-winning song "Shallow" which shot to prominence in last year's "A Star Is Born."

The song, performed by Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper, is a deeply personal and impactful tune that works as a wonderful comparison to the movie's premise, depicting "the gains and pains of stardom." Stars from Kelly Clarkson to Darren Criss and Lea Michele have covered the hit song, showcasing powerful vocals on one of the year's biggest songs.

And now, we can add another superstar cover to the list as the Notre Dame Undertones have offered up their own rendition of the song. While many covers wonderfully capture the intense emotions of the song, the Undertones have crafted an arrangement which truly captures the beauty and the artistry of the song.
The backing vocals paint a musical landscape that really draw the listener into the performance, as if creating its own gravitational pull.

While most covers of "Shallow" will floor you by the magnitude of the lead vocalists, the Undertones' cover pierces right to your very core, in equal regards, by both the backing music and the soloists.

Speaking of the soloists, the two featured in this video are phenomenal. The Undertones' very own Ralph Moran is accompanied by Kealy Ewart, who is a member of Notre Dame's Harmonia, another campus a cappella group. Both add so much in making the song different from other covers you may have heard. Moran delivers a light tone contrasting Cooper's signature vocals featured in the original. Ewart has a larger than life sound, which is comparable, yet simultaneously distinct to Lady Gaga's original vocals.

The pairing is sublime and probably the most emotionally gripping delivery you're bound to stumble across outside of the original. 

The cover is absolutely electric, heartwarming and passionate. Check it out below and then share it with everyone you know.