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The Vassar Devils' New Video "Out Of The Dark" Is A Powerful Expression Of Growth And Confidence

Y'all, the Vassar Devils are for real!

While many in our music space are trying to craft performances that add a new dynamic to hit tracks, the a cappella group the Vassar Devils are taking things to the next level. In their latest video simply titled "Out of the Dark" the vocal group from Vassar College melds together three riveting performances which will inspire, leave you a bit emotional as well as shocked to your very core.

The video works flawlessly as one dynamic performance piece as the group performs three stunning interpretations of: "Million Eyes" by Loïc Nottett, "Heart of Gold" by Mario Jose and "I Am" by Jojo.

Attached to the video is a message written by the Vassar Devils which details the inspiration and purpose of the project:

"Our inspiration for Out of the Dark derives from our experiences overcoming feelings of being lost, uncertain, and insecure as individuals. This project captures the journey from self-doubt to self-love, as each of us has grown to find our own voice.
We hope this video both inspires and empowers our audience."

And the words of this message ring true as viewers watch the performance. Whether your affinity is for pure harmonies, earth-shattering power chords, or a knack for surgical and precise production, "Out of the Dark" has it all.

"Million Eyes" is artistically sound, centered on fluid and flowing rhythms, all supported by a grand sound. "Heart of Gold" offers the perfect transitional elements as the group displays angelic and heavenly movements that cause the listener to sink further into the Vassar Devils' sound. And "I Am" is the stunning and empowering closer that has the power to challenge listeners to reaffirm their own confidence and self-worth. And the traces of "I'm beautiful" that the group sprinkles through spoken word at the end is simply the cherry on the cake!

This performance is more than just music and you feel it through the rich chords and even more importantly, the conviction of the Vassar Devils as they express a level of courage that's not easy for a musical act to translate to song.

This is a performance that every group should go and watch over and over again!