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The Vassar Devils Take A Cappella To New Heights In This #TBT

The anticipation and excitement are building with a little over a month to go till BOSS 2017 (Boston Sings). And if we are treated to only a fraction of the quality that was displayed last year, the wait would have been more than worth it.

In today's #TBT, we are kicking it back to last year's first place winning set by the Vassar Devils from Vassar College. Now, we know it's our job to bring you the best in collegiate a cappella, so we often speak in high regard about all most of the videos we offer up to you. But, hands down, this set by the Vassar Devils is so monumental, so attention-grabbing, so impactful that it is easily one of the best things to EVER come out of a cappella (college, high school, or professional).

The great thing about BOSS is that it provides its competitors with a theme each year, which groups must then build out a setlist around.
With this one element, we are often treated to some of the most inspirational and powerful pieces of art that the human voice can deliver.

And the Vassar Devils do not just deliver, they rewrite the book on how it's done. The group crafted a set around the subject of history, more specifically, modern warfare and its effects. And the piece is sheer perfection. See why in the video below.