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The Veritones Revolutionize A Cappella With Cool Virtual Reality Video

We've seen some astonishing music videos, but none quite like this.

While the concept of fusing virtual reality with art is an idea that's finding increased popularity, it's new to the a cappella space. To date, this project is only the second time we've ever seen an a cappella group use tech like this in a performance, but it is hands down the most complex, intriguing and well thought out execution done.

In the Harvard-Radcliffe Veritones cover of "Gemini Feed" by Banks, the group gives you a full 360-degree perspective of their performance full of dancers, video walls, flashing lights and beautiful backdrops. The group perfectly creates a truly immersive experience where a cappella is brought to life. 

Once again, we're impressed by all of the innovation college groups are bringing to the a cappella space.