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The Vocaholics' Newest Mashup Video Is The Perfect Halloween Treat

One thing is for certain, there will be an abundance of great college a cappella videos to get you through Halloween.

Vocal groups have really stepped it up with holiday videos this year, and we can officially add NYU's Vocaholics to the list of groups who have come through with a must-watch video for your Halloween enjoyment.

In the group's newest video, "A Cappella Halloween Mashup" listeners are literally treated to a crazy good dance-centric music video mixing Michael Jackson's "Thriller", Beyonce's "Haunted" and Usher's "Scream" into one mega jam. From electric energy to smooth lead vocals, the entire project is the perfect track to sing and dance along to from start to finish.

The Vocaholics are relentless as they hit your ears with nonstop dynamics, delivering one big vocal moment after the next. And each lead plays their part well, showing off power and finesse during each song's individual section.

With just one day till Halloween, this is sure to get you in the holiday spirit!