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The Xtension Chords Bring Plenty Of Raw Emotion In Their New Video Cover Of Kygo and OneRepublic's "Lose Somebody"

Sometimes you have to lose something to find out how much you really loved it.

That's the heartbreaking message of "Lose Somebody" by Kygo and OneRepublic. Those sentiments are expressed profoundly in this brand new video performance of the song by the all-male a cappella group the Xtension Chords, from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign.

The vocal group shows off their intoxicating vocals on the Dance/EDM track in their newest video that's full of power, range and style. The Xtension Chords hold nothing back as they lament the song's touching message and as they passionately deliver each chorus. At times the message is heavy. At other times it's energetic. But it's completely sincere from start to finish, showcasing rockstar production the entire way.

Some of the video's best parts come when the group's lead is going for broke with his big notes, and is accompanied by the soaring high harmonies of the backing vocalist. It's an absolute treat to listen to and experience.

Check out the full video below.