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The Y-Studs Take You On A Journey Through Music History With Incredible A Cappella Medley "Evolution Of Jewish Music"

In the words of Jim Belushi, from the Christmas classic Jingle All The Way "It's fun and educational."

I can think of no better way to describe this well-crafted arrangement of songs than with the previous quote in regards to the "Evolution of Jewish Music." The all-male group The Y-Studs from Yeshiva University admit to finding inspiration for their mega-mix of Jewish songs from Pentatonix's a cappella viral hit "Evolution of Music" but end up producing a masterpiece in their own respect.

The five minute video takes viewers on a historical trip starting in the 9th Century through some of the most iconic and prominent songs of the Jewish community from the last 300 years.

And if you think that The Y-Studs simply picked out their favorite Hanukkah or sacred selections, you're wrong. The group covers everything from show tunes to hip-hop, seamlessly flowing through each number as if the music is encoded in their DNA.
Many love and enjoy music for its entertainment factor, but the "Evolution of Jewish Music" pulls double-duty, as it's both exciting to listen to and fun to learn about all of the songs associated with a particular culture.

Take a listen and prepare to be amazed at how much The Y-Studs can cover in under five minutes.