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The Zumbyes Cut Loose With Dynamic Performance Of Kenny Loggins' "Footloose"

It's called a classic for a reason.

At least that's our sentiments on this rendition of Kenny Loggins' hit "Footloose" by the Zumbyes of Amherst College. Given the song's title, we were expecting a fun-filled, high-energy, retro-styled vocal performance, and the Zumbyes did not disappoint.

Matter of fact, they surpass expectations.

The lead is controlled, has range and its own flair that distinguishes itself from Loggins' delivery offering an overall great performance. And if you think he's the only shining moment of this video, well, you're gravely mistaken as the backing group is phenomenal. The group's ability to deliver effective dynamics and energy amidst some crazy cool dance moves (and acrobatics) is quite surprising and exciting. 

Check out the Zumbyes' performance below to see what we mean.