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This Backyard Set By The Grains Of Time Makes A Strong Case For Outdoor Performances

Yes, concert hall performances are all well and good and may just have the upper hand on all venues when it comes to hearing a cappella at its best. But there's just something about an all-acoustic a cappella set outdoors that just adds a little more appeal to the art form.

Acoustic a cappella? Is there really such a thing?

Of course there is. It's basically a cappella at its purest. No sound amplification, only voices in whatever location a group finds themselves in. And North Carolina State University's Grains of Time is making a strong case on why we need outdoor concerts to come back into our lives.

In this performance by the all-male group, they woo a campus sorority with a three song set of "Hotline Bling," "Ain't Too Proud to Beg" and "Sorry." Each cover just as good as the previous and even more impressive is how tight the sound is considering there are no mics.

See for yourselves below.