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This Beyond All Reason Set Is A Great Blueprint On How To Do Well During ICCAs

To do well in the ICCAs, you must be the complete package.

From having the right sound, all the way to the right look will surely work in your favor. And as I watch this 2016 from St. Louis University's Beyond All Reason, they convince me that they have it all.

If I could only give two words in regards to what I think the judges are looking for, they would be dynamics and uniformity. Dynamics throughout each song and uniformity in terms of visuals (both attire and moves). Seriously, I've seen judges deduct point because one member of a group wore a different colored shirt in comparison to the rest of the group.

But don't just take my word, Beyond All Reason is the perfect example of having these two elements. Their dynamics starting all the way from "Hear The Bells" to their closer "Electric Love" has the dynamic range. And their moves are aligned well with their song choices. Nothing feels out of place nor unconvincing. For these reasons and more, they are our #WCW for today.