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This "Blood and Tears" Cover By The Drexel Treblemakers Will Connect With You On An Emotional Level

There's something about competition that just elevates group to a whole 'nother plane.

The Drexel University Treblemakers have graced us with a cover of Joseph's "Blood and Tears" in hopes of securing a a featured spot on the band's new album. And man are we happy that they filmed this awe-inspiring performance. 

I'm not sure if the group had this song stashed away or crafted it specifically for the contest, but either way, we are moved by it. The ladies are elegant in the transferring of solos, and each lead is careful not to disrupt the environment that the backing group is creating, but rather, weave themselves flawlessly into it. And the big notes that arrive later in the song are simply superb.

We're not one to take sides when it comes to college a cappella, but this rendition is easily a winner in our book.