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This Chance The Rapper Cover By FSU Reverb Is Hauntingly Captivating

Chance the Rapper covers may just be the next best thing to happen to collegiate a cappella since Coldplay's "Fix You."

In the past few months, more of the hit rappers tracks have been finding their way into the repertoire of college aca-groups across the country and we couldn't be more grateful. The artist's lyrics tell such a great story and have a strong way of evoking deep emotions. And this newly released music video by Florida State University's Reverb succeeds in both artistry and delivery.

The group's arrangement of "Same Drugs" is gripping, stunning and creative as each member of Reverb shares the lead providing their own interpretation of what love lost means through soft but confident singing as they fluidly pass off the melody throughout the song. And if the individual singing isn't enough to inspire you, just wait till the bridge! It is here that the group collectively delivers a gospel explosion through well-structured, colossal chords that are bound to leave you moved and breathless.

This may just be our new favorite rap cover.