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This Moving Rendition Of "Autumn Leaves" By The Clefhangers Is The Perfect Tune For The Fall Season

There's a beauty and appreciation in the Fall season, spending times with those who are dear to us and the hope of what's to come that can only be captured through song. And we are so thankful that the UNC Clefhangers have managed to convey all of this with one magnificent and inspiring performance.

While the below video is in no way an official Thanksgiving song, it fits the season so perfectly well with its warm vibrancy and rich tone.

The all-male group's cover of "Autumn Leaves" is striking in both a literal and emotional way, with the song's message of lost love and its bittersweet delivery that will have you breathless at various moments. The Clefhangers pacing, beautiful melodies and totally endearing persona makes the entire experience absolutely ethereal. Not to mention, the lead's bass-heavy vocals are so rich and profound that you can't help but to be moved.

It is easily one of the most passionate and honest performances ever to be produced by a college a cappella group.  And it is truly a Fall masterpiece that deserves to be consumed over and over again.