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This One Direction Mashup Is Literally Out Of This World

As a cappella continues to evolve, the delivery becomes just as important as the music itself.

It's not enough these days to simply have a worthwhile arrangement and expect an audience to fall in love with your group showcasing it in a standard semicircle formation. No, the presentation has to be on par with what's currently expected of any engaging artist.

Enter music videos.

In today's world where video is king, a cappella groups must deliver on both the auditory and visual end. This brings us to one of the most well-produced videos we've come across in quite some time.

In this presentation, Redefined A Cappella from the University of Wisconsin-Madison seamlessly fuses two One Direction songs, "Night Changes" and "Steal My Girl." The vocals are well polished, engaging to listen to, and display a talented young aca-group.

But what's truly incredible is the cinematic experience Redefined creates for its audience with one of the most elaborate music videos we have ever seen from an aca-group, be it college or professional. This is the type of content that brings more fans to our genre.
The amazing story line in the video with great pop vocals running concurrently is easily better than a lot of mainstream music videos you'll see on the market today.

Enjoy this feel good Friday project that just shows that no one does it quite like our community.