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This Soloist Is Making Us Fall In Love With Cyndi Lauper All Over Again

80s will always be the best least in my opinion.

There's something magical about all of the music that came out of the 1980s. It speaks to us on a personal and relate-able level, like no other time period could. Maybe this is part of the reason that made The Breakfast Club such a great movie.

In today's #WCW, Princeton's The Roaring 20s shows us why Cyndi Lauper rules late night cruising music, yes, we're talking about her hit "Time After Time." And boy do the the Roaring 20s mean every note that they're singing. What's magnificent about this performance is not only the ambiance of the backing group, but the immaculate indie voice that this soloist is dishing out. The vocals are perfection and unlike anything we've heard.

See for yourselves!