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This #TBT Of Madonna's "Vogue" By The UC Men's Octet Is Simply Incredible

Some performances make you wish you were there in person to witness.

That's what I keep telling myself each time I come across this 1998 performance by the Men's Octet from University of California, Berkeley. Their cover of Madonna's "Vogue" should go down in a cappella history books (assuming that we'll ever have those) as one of the most complete and entertaining pieces of art that ever came out of a college campus.

If the dramatic vocals aren't enough to appease your taste, then no doubt, the choreography will. 

Did we mention that this song was part of the Men's Octet award-winning set in 1998 when they won ICCA. Clearly others share our opinion on this spectacular number. Enjoy this #TBT and try to decipher the intricacies of such astonishing movements.