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Ticket Punched: Here's Your Full List Of Competitors Who Are Headed To ICCA Semifinals!

It feels good to finally say that ICCA is back!

This past weekend, we witnessed the return of Varsity Vocals' inaugural event, ICCA. But with much of the world (if not all of it) still dealing with the pandemic, a format change was needed.

Enter the 2021 virtual season!

Groups were required to submit recorded videos, instead of competing in-person. This resulted in an endless supply of great a cappella videos which we are still making our way through. This first weekend was dedicated to the quarterfinal rounds for each region and we now know which groups have punched their ticket to the semifinals.

Below is a list of the top two groups from each quarterfinal event, along with a link to their award-winning video. Enjoy! 

ICCA West Quarterfinals


1st - Amplified (Univ.
of Arizona) - Watch Set
2nd - Noteoriety (Univ. of Arizona) – Watch Set
QF 2:

1st - Furmata (Univ. of Washington) – Watch Set
2nd - UBCO Beats (Univ. of British Columbia) – Watch Set
QF 3:

1st - Noteworthy (Brigham Young Univ.) – Watch Set
2nd - Lounge Lizards (Univ. of California-Davis) – Watch Set
QF 4:

1st - The Green Note (Portland State Univ.) – Watch Set
2nd - SoundWave (San Diego State Univ.) – Watch Set
QF 5:

1st - Resonance (Univ. of California, LA) – Watch Set
2nd - Uniting Voices (Univ. of California, Irvine) – Watch Set
ICCA Northeast Quarterfinals

QF 1:

1st - Doox of Yale (Yale Univ.) – Watch Set
2nd - AcaBellas (Central Connecticut State Univ.) – Watch Set
QF 2:

1st - The Chorallaries (Mass. Institute of Technology) – Watch Set
2nd - The Harvard LowKeys – (Harvard Univ.) – Watch Set
QF 3:

1st - Upper Structure (Berklee College of Music) – Watch Set
2nd - Pitch, Please! (Northeastern Univ.) – Watch Set
QF 4:

1st - Vocollision (New York Univ.) – Watch Set
2nd - The Hofbeats (Hofstra Univ.) – Watch Set
ICCA Central Quarterfinals

QF 1:

1st - Note to Self (Binghamton Univ.) – Watch Set
2nd - Brick City Singers (Rochester Institute of Technology) – Watch Set
QF 2:

1st - The Buffalo Chips (Univ. at Buffalo) – Watch Set
2nd - Pitch Please (SUNY Albany) – Watch Set
QF 3:

1st - Ryenamics (Ryerson Univ.) – Watch Set
2nd - On That Note (Ryerson Univ.) – Watch Set
QF 4:

1st - WIBI A Cappella (York Univ.) – Watch Set
2nd - The Unaccompanied Minors (Univ. of Waterloo) – Watch Set
ICCA Great Lakes Quarterfinals
QF 1:

1st - Fundamentally Sound (Univ. of Wisconsin-Madison) – Watch Set
2nd - The Ransom Notes (Univ. of Chicago) – Watch Set
QF 2: 

1st - The G-Men (Univ. of Michigan) – Watch Set
2nd - Clef Hangers (Illinois State Univ.) – Watch Set
QF 3:

1st - The Xtension Chords (Univ. of Illinois) – Watch Set
2nd - Z Minor (Illinois Institute of Technology) – Watch Set
QF 4:

1st - Under A-Rest (Univ. of Wisconsin-Madison) – Watch Set
2nd - Dissonance (Millikin Univ.) – Watch Set
ICCA Mid-Atlantic Quarterfinals
QF 1:

1st - The Notochords (Virginia Commonwealth Univ.) – Watch Set
2nd - Juxtaposition (Virginia Tech) – Watch Set
QF 2:

1st - Faux Paz (Univ. of Maryland) – Watch Set
2nd - Ramifications (Virginia Commonwealth Univ.) – Watch Set
QF 3:

1st - The Villanova Supernovas (Villanova Univ.) – Watch Set
2nd - RU RAAG (Rutgers Univ.) – Watch Set
QF 4:

1st - Chromatic (Millersville Univ.) – Watch Set
2nd - Harmonic Combustion (Susquehanna Univ.) – Watch Set
ICCA Midwest Quarterfinals

QF 1:

1st - Mainstreet A Cappella (Colorado State Univ.) – Watch Set
2nd - Pitch Please (Univ. of Nebraska-Lincoln) – Watch Set
QF 2:

1st - Crimson & Blues (Univ. of Kansas) – Watch Set
2nd - Beyond All Reason (Saint Louis Univ.) – Watch Set
QF 3:

1st - The Ohio State of Mind (The Ohio State Univ.) – Watch Set
2nd - Tonal Eclipse (Bowling Green State Univ.) – Watch Set
QF 4:

1st - Vocaholics (Univ. of Cincinnati) – Watch Set
2nd - Unexpected Resolution (Ball State Univ.) – Watch Set
ICCA South

QF 1:

1st - BisCaydence (Univ. of Miami) – Watch Set
2nd - Tampa Tones (Univ. of Tampa) – Watch Set
QF 2:

1st - The Accidentals (Univ. of Georgia) – Watch Set
2nd - Sympathetic Vibrations (Georgia Tech) – Watch Set
QF 3:

1st - Chordination (North Carolina State Univ.) – Watch Set
2nd - The Tarpeggios (Univ. of North Carolina-Chapel Hill) – Watch Set
QF 4:

1st - Pitchmen (Belmont Univ.) – Watch Set
2nd - Harmonic Notion (Vanderbilt Univ.) – Watch Set
QF 5:

1st - HardChord DynaMix (Texas A&M Univ.) – Watch Set
2nd - Prismatics (Belmont Univ.) – Watch Set
ICCA UK Quarterfinals

QF 1:

1st -The Bristol Suspensions (Univ. of Bristol) – Watch Set
2nd - Pitch Fight (Univ. of Bristol) – Watch Set
QF 2:

1st - Tone Up (Univ. of Edinburgh) – Watch Set
2nd - The Songsmiths (Univ. of Leeds) – Watch Set
QF 3:

1st - The Techtonics (Imperial College London) – Watch Set
2nd - Aquapella (Univ. of Bath) – Watch Set