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Treble In Paradise Are Bringing Some Serious Country-Soul To This Beyonce Cover

Yes, Queen Bey does country music very well...and so can Treble in Paradise.

When you've got talent, why limit yourself? Clearly this thought never crossed Beyonce's mind with her country-styled performance of "Daddy Lessons." And let's just say, we're digging the way American University's Treble in Paradise is channeling their inner-Beyonce in their latest music video.

Mix together some Southern-Soul, with equal parts country, and you've got a toe-tapping, sultry performance on your hands. What's so special about this performance is that it's simple, yet engaging. This video is the definition of "well-executed" as it's shot in front of a black backdrop with nothing but some GOOD harmonies and energy by some talented ladies. 

Whether you're a purist or one who prefers more modern styles and techniques, this is one video for all to enjoy!