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Treble In Paradise Delivers The Perfect Post-Valentines Video To Exes Everywhere

The week of Valentines is not only a time to celebrate the love and affection felt towards others, but also a chance for those who are single, recently broken up, or those who find themselves with an "it's complicated" label to rejoice on the new opportunities ahead.

And on days similar to this love-filled holiday (and the subsequent days that follow), you sometimes need something to lift your spirits up or to further solidify the idea that you are doing just fine on your own. Well, we've got just the thing.

This new music video by American University's Treble In Paradise (who hosted our most recent "Aca Live") is a testament that life goes on after the end of a relationship. And as you can tell by the zeal that's on display by these ladies, in both their singing and movement, it can be a really enjoyable thing.

Enjoy this Friday feature that's sure to lift your spirits. And if they're already lifted, the song will further elevate them.