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Two Past Midnight Showcases Dynamic Singing Duo With Cover Of "God Is A Woman"

One thing we're thankful has to be jaw-dropping college a cappella videos we're constantly exposed to. And we have exactly that in today's video which is coming straight out of Bucknell University.

Bucknell's very own coed vocal group, Two Past Midnight, has just released a brand new cover video of Ariana Grande's "God Is A Woman" and it is a total hit! As one of the top songs currently streaming on the airwaves, Two Past Midnight couldn't have selected a more perfect song.

And what's even better is that the group can back up their choice with a dynamic backing group who brings the heat with their energized vocals. One of our favorite parts of this entire video has to be the higher vocalists who absolutely crush the harmonies throughout the entire performance, recreating Grande's track in near effortless fashion.

But what's truly immaculate is Two Past Midnight's ability to not feature simply one moving soloist, but rather two as they turn "God Is A Woman" into a stunning duet.
Both Lily Mitchell and Julia Shapiro exude the necessary power and confidence that you'd come to expect from a Grande track, and execute it flawlessly. And the two aren't just about belting, but can also deliver colorful vocal parts as well as they deliver quick, stylish lyrics over their individual verses.

We're not sure how Two Past Midnight was blessed to have two phenomenal leading ladies who can hold their own, but both of them get our vote for today's #WCW.