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University of Chicago's Voices Unites Artists Worldwide With The Remedy Project

In the last few weeks, we've seen artists, athletes, actors, companies, philanthropists and so many others utilize whatever resources they have available to them to help, uplift and inspire communities everywhere.

And now, the a cappella community is the latest to get involved.

Inspired by the shortening of the 2020 ICCA/ICSHA season, the coed a cappella group Voices of the University of Chicago conceived a beautiful passion project that would involve so many affected by the news. Enter "The Remedy Project."

The goal was to gather as many participants of the 2020 competition season as possible to create a virtual choir. Through video submissions submitted from individuals from all over the world, the group would perform a cover of the experimental track "Remedy" by the band Son Lux.
In a video announcing the project, Voices express that the overall goal was to show that "we could still find our voices and come together as a community" in light of the current pandemic affecting so many.

Well, the wait is finally over! Voices has officially released the finished product and we can only describe the video as chill-inducing.

Combining over 168 submissions, the performance is a magnificent symphony of wonderful voices full of passion and beauty. Each moment washes over the listener like a calm breeze ending in a glorious depiction of each singer that participated.

Bringing a project like this to life is no easy feat, but showcases how a few can inspire many!

Check out the performance in the video below.