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University of Texas At Dallas' Dhunki A Cappella Wins 2019 Anahat A Cappella Competition

We've often expressed that no two groups do a cappella the same way. As more and more groups join our ever-growing community, it's surprising to see and hear just how inventive and innovative groups present their art.

And while it may appear that the majority of scholastic groups are simply taking on popular American-based music, this just isn't the case.

One area of contemporary a cappella that has seen a surge in activity is from groups who classify themselves as being a part of the South Asian a cappella genre. These groups often have strong cultural ties or perform music related to the South Asian community.

Where groups like Penn Masala paved the way and gave many American audiences an introduction into the a cappella stylings of this unique culture, more and more groups have popped up across American universities sharing their talent and bringing a fresh wave of music to audiences everywhere.

As the number of South Asian a cappella groups continues to grow, so has the number of events and competitions where these amazing groups are being put on full display.
Enter the 2019 Anahat A Cappella competition!

Hosted by UC Berkeley Indus, this annual competition is one of the largest and most historic intercollegiate South Asian a cappella competitions in the country. This year's competition featured seven talented groups including Andaaz A Cappella, Asli Baat: Real Talk, UTD Dhunki, UGA Kalakaar, NY Masti, CMU Saans, and Swaram A Cappella.

Where Anahat A Cappella stands out from other events is in its beautiful depiction of culture throughout the competition, seen in the competing groups choreography, attire and song selections. You'd be hard pressed to find more wonderful group outfits and an expression of color. Not only this, but groups meld Western based song selections with South Asian music beautifully giving performances a refreshing and authentic feel that you may not see elsewhere.

This is wonderfully articulated in the set of the competition's champions Dhunki A Cappella from the University of Texas at Dallas. The coed a cappella group displayed a moving, cross-genre set that was an astonishing fusion of various styles, full of life, energy and emotions. Group members Samhita Kumar and Selwin Stanly also took home individual awards for Best Female and Best Male Soloist.

The South Asian a cappella scene is one that you'll want to keep an eye on as it continues to grow and thrive!

You can check out Dhunki A Cappella's award-winning set in the video below.