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UPenn Penny Loafers Lay Down Stunning Country-Pop Vocals With Cover Of Maren Morris' "Girl"

I'm not sure who needs this video today, but we're glad to provide you with a midweek pick-me-up.

And this pick-me-up doubles as one rocking, country jam!

Featured in a string of great videos recently released from their Fall 2019 concert, the Penny Loafers from the University of Pennsylvania share an inspiring and moving cover video of "Girl" by Maren Morris. The country-pop jam hits on so many levels. 

The arrangement is masterfully done, almost as if it was conceived for instruments rather than voices. This is a testament to the abilities of the Penny Loafers who are able to, above all else, help the listener to get lost in the music.

And it's not hard to do that.

The bottom end of the song steadily delivers an undeniable edge to the song, with its rock stylings, bringing an endless groove from start to finish and never letting up on the song's energy.
This does wonders in setting a firm foundation for the rest of the backing group, who add so much color to the song, with their smooth harmonies and their impressively warm vocals that fill so much vocal space.

What truly makes this such an uplifting performance however comes in the form of lead soloist Ashley Santaniello! 

Her ability to tap into varied vocal textures throughout the video showcases an utter realness and undeniable emotional connection that elevates the music. Whether it be the soft, almost spoken opening, all the way to the glorious all out, go for broke belting of Beyonce's "Halo" (which is beautifully incorporated), Santaniello has a charisma that's infectious and captivating.

This is one performance that your week needs, whether you know it or not!